Tell Your Senators to Reject Medicare and Medicaid Cuts

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The American Health Care Act passed in the House by a slim margin and is now under discussion in the Senate. Plain and simple, this bill undermines Medicare’s financing and risks access to essential care for people with Medicare and Medicaid.

The American Health Care Act repeals the Affordable Care Act’s modest tax on the highest earners, which helped put Medicare on stronger financial footing. Eliminating this tax would lead to lost revenues, causing the Medicare Hospital Insurance (Part A) Trust Fund to become insolvent two years earlier than anticipated.

The American Health Care Act also advances devastating Medicaid cuts—per-capita caps—that threaten access to needed care for the 11 million people with Medicare who also depend on Medicaid. One in five people with Medicare rely on Medicaid to cover vital long-term home care and nursing home services, to help afford their Medicare premiums and cost-sharing, and more.

Write to your Senators and tell them to reject the American Health Care Act, and any proposals like it, and to engage in a transparent, bipartisan dialogue on needed reforms to enhance health care access and affordability.

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